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So here’s the plan, Stan:  
-If you are ready to fully step up to who you are meant to be on this planet…
-Ready to see your creativity soar and business expand…
-Ready to tune-in to your deep intuitive gifts…
-Ready to experience deeper love, tenderness and aligned sex…
-Ready to let go of your childhood wounds and make yourself a priority…

5 SESSIONS TO GROW INTO THE POWER HOUSE YOU REALLY ARE might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. And when I say POWER HOUSE, I don’t mean the dominating, loud and cunning ruler-type POWER HOUSE. No, I mean the deep, powerful, intuitive, luminous self in you that wants to fully step into his or her own truth and gifts, and pull off their magic with perfect serenity and grace!

This is a very high-value program as it includes 5 —1 hour— sessions of 1:1 deep soul excavation in the deeply sacred space of the  Akashic Records. This is not a group course, nor a series of videos, nor pre-made audio recordings, but individualized live appointments where you are the object of my fullest and most tuned-in attention ready to help you shift your energy on the spot, as we speak. These sessions are laser sharp and straight to the point.

With this work and investment in yourself: 

-You will start noticing shifts in all the important areas of your life: work, money, and relationships.
-You will suddenly feel competent to step up to the most luminous version of yourself, use your voice to speak your deepest truths and take direct action towards your goals.
-You will feel confident to share your magic and gifts with the world.
-You will feel much lighter as you won’t be carrying around other people’s shit anymore and…
-You will start connecting to a deeper place of contentment, which is actually your birthright.

Basically, you are gearing up to be a freer human being aligned to your deepest truths. Pretty spectacular if you ask me.

Here are what my clients have been saying: 

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.40.29 PM.png

“Julie was able to help me retrieve a part of me that I had put away to keep safe. It’s an unexplainable experience feeling what it’s like to be you, again…  When one is ready or truly wants to, the teachers or messengers will appear to answer the questions you have been asking. The work that Julie does is so effortless and her voice is soothing, and the whole process took very little time. Thank you, Julie, for being so courageous in bringing this type of experience to this life.”

— Kylene Hayley, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Six Nations, ON.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 3.20.01 PM.png

“I had such an awesome session with Julie yesterday. I’ve done tons of work and healing on myself, but I felt I was missing something. In just an hour Julie blew me wide open and helped me breakthrough on something I’ve been carrying around for 40 years without even realizing. She has an amazing way of digging deep. It was powerful… she was supportive, compassionate and encouraging, and my gratitude for her gifts is immeasurable. Thank you, Julie, for unblocking my heart and helping that ‘sprout’ to come out!”

— Renata Mazu, Resilience and Growth Coaching, CEO, Founder & Author at EdgeSavvy. Atlanta, Georgia.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 9.43.03 AM.png

“My Akashic Records session with Julie was nothing short of incredible. She is a true master of the records and facilitated a powerful healing for me. We were able to clear several blocks and trace back my current issues and limiting beliefs to specific instances in the past. She created a safe and held space for me to open to new possibilities and heal old wounds. I am extremely grateful to this session and highly recommend working with Julie!”

— Megan Moore,  Associate Artistic Director at ETCH Movement Works.
So if you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, you can achieve very similar results. Each session will release deep energetic layers holding you back from your true potential and you will feel… relief. Deep relief. Finally.



5 SESSIONS (@150$ CAD)



Stay tuned for more insights and wisdom coming from the deep place!

Love Julie xxx

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