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Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.03.28 PMLiving the busy life of a school teacher for a decade left me with many professional skills and accomplishments. And yet, during this time, once the bustle would quiet at the end of the day, my personal and intimate life felt devastatingly empty. Why didn’t I have time or energy for myself? Why did I constantly feel fatigued? Why was I so lonely?

Over the years, I tried many routes to achieving balance in my life, but my whirlwind life never fully stopped. This lifestyle always resulted in feeling depleted and disconnected from me. Reversing this trend felt like swimming against a stubborn current. I needed help out of this vortex to fully own that I was, in fact, the creator of my life. I was the river, the current and the swimmer — all in one. 


This is when my work in the Akashic Records started unraveling my unconscious belief systems and waking me up to all my blind spots. I embarked on this revealing detective work, where I had to sort through family dynamics, as well as cultural and ancestral beliefs. When I finally understood that I was, in fact, a highly sensitive person, it was quite the relief!  But it meant that I had to un-numb myself from all those protective layers I had built up to survive the world I had navigated. I eventually came to understand why I was feeling so empty: I was so energetically depleted from my lack of awareness in so many areas of my life! The Akashic Records opened my consciousness to painful dynamics — such as abandonment, lack of self-power, and the pain of withdrawal— that kept on repeating themselves throughout my life. Until I finally woke up! These dynamics, or stories I believed to be true, were holding me back from the fullest expression of my creative potential. 

For the first time in my life, I achieved a sense of clarity. I immediately could release stagnating energies and open to new possibilities in myself. This process guided me to write Snakeskinned Stories — a blog and forthcoming book of collected stories about healing journeys and sexual epiphanies, from the point of view of a highly sensitive person!

Seeing such transformative results in myself convinced me to become a certified Akashic Records practitioner. My practice assists highly sensitive soul through their own process, clearing blockages in areas such as work, love, relationships, sex, money, self-power and boundaries. I’m committed to helping clients retrieve a heightened sense of wellbeing and creative freedom. I’m pleased to be of service to you!

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