When I talk about Co-Creative Sex, some people may think I’m just saying “Have More Sex!”.

That’s not what I’m saying.

The point isn’t to go out and do mindless things that further harm you or others. It’s not about accumulating negative karma for yourself because you are out of alignment with your deepest truths. It’s not about ditching your integrity simply for the sake of finding a way out.

Rather, it’s an invitation to listen more deeply to what your sexual energy is already trying to tell you. Co-Creation is a process of calibration. It’s about aligning yourself with the power and vibrancy of your truest essence. And your sexual energy is your very own divine guide.

So stop. Take a deep breath. Now, listen.

What is she asking for? Is she hurting? Is she free? Is she mad because you’ve been neglecting her? Is she invisible because you’ve hidden her? Can she express herself freely? Does she speak her truth? Is she safe to receive? To give? Does she override herself to please? Is she needy? Is she worried that she’s not enough? Is she scared of losing something?

The point is to listen and really hear what she has to say.

This is the true path of liberation.

Once you find the kinks in the hose, the water flows powerfully and will sprinkle just the right amount of water on your flower patch — so that your flowers blossom and THRIVE.

This is exactly what we will be working on in my upcoming ONLINE class and healing intensive in the Akashic Records starting June 5th.

What we are aiming for is MORE aligned sex! That’s what brings the most satisfaction. So, come and learn how to get there!

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