As you go about your daily business, something may be nagging you from the inside. It can be a little, meek voice or a big, loud voice screaming in your ears. It can be a voice that you have shut out completely, even gagged. It can also be a cunning voice that is tempting you to shove all that integrity of yours out the window.

But it speaks to you. Often.

I’d like to invite you into a more intimate space for a moment. Let’s listen to what it has to say.

Your sexual energy is ALWAYS talking to you. Whether you’ve blotted it out or not. And it is no surprise. Your sexual energy is your creative energy, which is also your spiritual energy. All this amazing sexual/spiritual/creative energy runs through your body.

It also bumps up against all your woundings and blocks! If sexual energy is a scary energy for you, this is the first hint that something is wounded or blocked.

If one pays careful attention, our sexual energy is our best teacher. When you heal your sexual energy, you heal your life. Literally.

If this area feels uncomfortable for you or fraught with knots, please join my online course and healing intensive: The Art of Co-Creative Sex starting, very pronto, in June.

I will be teaching some powerful spiritual principle that will help you understand what is actually going on in your life, in your intimate relationships, and your business.

Every class, I will be opening up the Akashic Records with the group to help you process some of your deep-seated blocks.

Just imagine what happens when you finally release the full power of your sexual/spiritual/creative energy?

You become a POWERHOUSE. Nothing less.

If you want to know more, you can ask me any questions, PM me, or go to my website at

The COURSE starts in JUNE. So put it on your calendar!!! : )

Love Julie xxx