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This is the very powerful load down on showing up for Co-Creative Sex. Make sure you read it closely! There is a lot of juice here. : )

Last month, we talked about the GROUNDWORK FOR CO-CREATIVE SEX. That even the beautiful Gods and Goddess from Hollywood have to do it too to get what they want. Make sure you read that before reading the next installment which involves actually SHOWING UP FOR IT!

In co-creative sex, Baljit Rayat explains on “Sex is Medicine” with Devi Ward, not only are you co-creating with your partner but as in all artistic endeavors, you also co-create with the universe. Something bigger comes in to participate, supporting flow, magic and your ultimate unfolding.

When you fully become aware of your own power and truly own that you are the author of your life, you realize that so much depends on how consciously you show up. You are acutely aware that the INTENTIONS you bring to your relationships significantly affect their outcome. You suddenly realize that all that happens to you is actually your own creation.

When you enter sexual activity, perfectly conscious of what you are bringing into the relationship, your motivations, your desires, your fears, and anxieties, you also know that the quality of the sexual experience will directly be influenced.

When you ask the Universe to support you, to co-create with you, help you overcome your fears, clear all your blockages, you are stepping into the gateway of your self-power.

We achieve our fullest expression of self-power when we completely take responsibility for ourselves.

This conscious attitude and inquiry are how things can truly blossom in sexual activity. When you DEFER your power, make everyone else responsible for your life and problems, you fall into unconscious sex, and this is when problems start showing up.

Furthermore, Baljit explains that when you use sexual energy consciously, all illusions dissipate. You no longer believe in fairy tales and you stop leaking your precious energy.

You also free your energy from being stuck in the three lower chakras. When you get stuck there, your blocked energy will eventually result in healing crises, which is not the easiest route to take. When you act from a very empowered place, sex is extremely healing and catapults you to new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, both sexually and in other important aspects of your life. When you are consciously co-creating with sex, you will, of course, need to deal with various things coming up, but it also means that you are getting closer and closer to your true self.

Co-creative sex automatically cultivates integrity, purpose, and self-realization. It just goes together.

When you understand the power of sex, you actually realize that it has a tremendous healing power. Empowerment becomes manifest in all levels of your life. When you defer your power, you retrograde into unconscious sex.

If you do things just to “please” without respecting yourself or expect the other person to “give” you that highly sought after orgasm, you automatically fall out of co-creative sex.

This happens whenever expectations are put on someone and they “have” to do something for you. Baljit explains that an orgasm actually comes from “how energetically clear you are with yourself. And when you learn to tap into this (co-creative energy), you are healing all your wounding at the same time. You are way more open, juicier, way more connected!” She explains that when you meet someone that is like-minded and “energetically” understands you, the magic just happens.

What I personally love in this statement is that it isn’t how much you are energetically aligned with another person, but how energetically aligned you are to yourself. This is a very powerful statement. Of course, when you are energetically aligned with yourself, chances are, you will be laying beside someone who is energetically aligned with you! But to attract the ladder, you, of course, need to start with yourself.

For this to happen, she explains, it is very important to understand the difference between “boundaries” and “barriers.” Emotional blocks and lack of consciousness create “barriers” to co-creative energy, whereas “boundaries” help you step into your power and seal up any energy leakages you may have.

Boundaries, which are made possible through healthy communication, are the secret access pass to co-creative sex.

It allows the energy to powerfully flow in a leak free container. Just think of it: when there is a leak in the plumbing, you don’t get a nice flow of water in the shower. Well, the same outcome occurs on the energetic level. Once you patch up all your leakages and tap into your co-creative power with a like-minded person, your sex life will wield a new level of intensity as well as unfathomable experiences of connection, real power, and deep satisfaction. Once the plumbing is fixed, the water flows powerfully and abundantly. Imagine what that would mean on the energetic level!

Your capacity to tap into co-creative sex is directly correlated to your personal development and your level of awareness. Once you’ve mastered this, you can say goodbye to disempowered sex. You have become an empowered manifester, creating realities that you want to experience in your leak-free-vessel of love. You are also reaping all the benefits of this accelerated healing power.

You have become a maestro at the art of processing the “stuff” that comes up, digesting it, then integrating it as personal wisdom. In this place, your life forces are optimal and supporting you in all areas of your life. You have become a powerhouse — or definitely heading in that direction.

Your sexual satisfaction is a perfect mirror of your own life. They become perfectly interchangeable. Needless to say, when two people enter sexual intercourse from this conscious perspective, sex can wield experiences far beyond what they can imagine.

Co-creative sex nourishes your energy fields as opposed to depleting them. In fact, your life and sex are injected with new levels of energy, propelling you to new heights!

You are in the process of “up-levelling” your energetic frequency. 

In co-creative sex, you are experiencing and expanding into deeply satisfying states of blissfully connected sex, heightened levels of consciousness and feelings of oneness. As you progress on this path, you are getting that much closer to your full potential as a human being, that much more connected to your true essence and capacity to truly realize yourself.

This is far from trivial stuff. In fact, we are touching on some very deep and profound realities, that probably can only fully make sense once you start tasting it for yourself. Maybe even simply allowing yourself to taste it. To get here, you totally earned it! You have become a total Manifester. You’re a total Boss!

To SUM IT UP, here is the Formula of Sex:

Catalyst + Revealer + Awareness = Infinite Growth 

But no worries. I am very well aware that this is a total PROCESS. Becoming a fully empowered co-creator takes commitment and resolve. If you are needing help with your blind spots, with those unconscious programs playing out in your head that stop you from fully being the creator you want to be, don’t hesitate. Help is VERY useful! It can catapult you five steps ahead, 100 steps ahead… and even more. Whatever leap you are ready to make, it can happen. Remember the universe is always there to create WITH you! The universe is ALWAYS ready to PLAY. Just give me a shout and we will get things happening for you.

Full of pezzazz in her period dress from a Louis XIV TV-Series set in France, here is Josée Lachance:

“I had the chance to have a healing session with Julie and it was more revealing than I thought possible. It made me see myself and my relationships in a whole new light. Definitely worth it. J’ai eu la chance d’avoir une session Akashic avec Julie et j’ai été surprise par les choses qui sont ressortis. J’ai appris à voir mes relations sous un autre angle. Ça m’a aidé à comprendre d’où je venais et où je dois m’en aller pour évoluer. Merci Julie!!!” — Josée Lachance, Montreal, Film Industry.


I created a QUIZ to help you see the blind spots in your relationship. If you are single, it can help you see what might be holding you back. Regardless, you will definitely be able to connect-the-dots… if you are willing to look! : )

If you are COMMITTED to making things better:

TAKE THE QUIZ: Is your sexual relationship a supportive relationship?

Click on the image to start:

Love Julie xxx
P.S. Check out this beautiful video. This is a perfect example of “Co-Creative Sex” made visible with art! See ya soon!


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Consciously Cultivating Connected Sex (18th of May) 

    50 shades (1)

Julie Archambault is a certified multi-dimensional healer in the Akashic Records. She is a master at creating a safe vessel for magical and deep healing to occur. The power she channels for your accelerated healing is profound and truly sacred.

(Collage Art: Curious intruder, Kenojuak Ashevak, Etching & Aquatint, 2009 superimposed with Snakeskinned Tiger Woman, Julie Archambault, 2016)


“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.”   ~ Anaïs Nin

Surprise! I am resisting this. Yes, resistance is something that we all rub up against. I, for one, was resisting writing this to you! I’d been wanting to do it for the past two weeks! So why wasn’t I doing it? Good question!

We can be resisting things for so many reasons. It could be simply resisting something because we don’t want to feel vulnerable. It could be resisting speaking one’s truth for fear of loss. It could be resisting being v-i-s-i-b-l-e in the world because taking up space on the planet is scary, especially if in the past it hasn’t been safe to reveal our true selves.

It could be resisting being r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-l-e for the state of our life because we live with the illusion that it’s easier to be an ostrich, head plunked underground. In the dark, nothing shows up, right!?

It could be fear of stepping up and taking on a leadership role or resisting hearing something about ourselves that we don’t want to hear. It could simply be the fear of not being GOOD ENOUGH.

When we operate out of an unconscious fear, we automatically fall into mechanisms of protection. We RESIST the truth. We RESIST hearing. We RESIST showing up. We RESIST moving forward.

But the TRUTH IS: “Resistance is FUTILE.” Why? Well, we can resist all we want, but the truth is the truth. Sooner or later we are going to have to deal with it. And the longer it takes us to see it, the longer we are going to feel OFF. The longer our lives feel under par. The longer we operate from a place of misalignment, the more we perpetuate what we don’t want. Sickness. Drama. Frustration. And then, well, we feel unhappy about it.

Discomfort is simply there to get us to wake up. And sometimes, we need to sit in discomfort for a long time before we actually get over ourselves and actually press the EJECT button on the resistance and embrace the power of FLOW. Flow comes from deeply aligning ourselves to our essence. This means, just to be really clear, not resisting it.

So how can you tell if you are resisting something? Here are 10 SIGNS that you are resisting your very own LIFE. This can help you take stock of the situation so that the misalignment doesn’t get out of control, and to give you a little nudge in the direction you actually do want to go in.

Resistance is essentially blocking out the truth and we have many unconscious mechanisms for doing this. Bear in mind as I go through the list that it may feel uncomfortable at times, but resistance is a universal experience. There is no judgment attached to it. We will all feel it at some point in our life. I am simply flagging it to make it that much more explicit and obvious. That way we can notice resistance when it shows up and not let it rule the day.

Do you have a lot of excuses up your sleeves? Do you find yourself always explaining to everyone why you didn’t, or couldn’t, or forgot? Cutting out excuses is a wonderful self-discipline. It allows you to really look at yourself and stop trying to justify yourself to others. This is the first step towards stepping up and taking full responsibility for your life.


There are various ways we can express our resistance in a passive-aggressive way. One way is by making people wait for us. A time was set but then we want to change things at the last minute to accommodate our lack of organization. It comes down to how seriously we commit to something. How seriously we show up for ourselves. This is a case of actions-speak-louder-than-words. If this is something you do, it may be hard to admit to it, but that is the best thing you can do for yourself. Nothing like being honest with yourself to inspire more aligned actions in the future.

This is the BEST strategy to avoid your life. If you HAVE to take care of everyone else, if you are the ONLY person in the world that can take care of a situation or another person, you are making yourself into “SOURCE”. Meaning, you think you are GOD. You have this false belief that you are the only person on this planet that has the competence, availability or resources to fulfill a need. Well, anytime you say “I have to” or “No one else can”, you are buying into a false belief that is allowing you to avoid your own life. Harsh huh! Yes, it is. And so true too. Just think of the number of people that exist on this planet. Imagine the number of solutions that exist out there. The universe actually abhors a void. So, if you leave one, guess what, it gets filled up! Trust the universe with this one. Now, you have to figure out what you are actually trying to avoid! That is the real culprit.

Do you always have something hurting? Something to heal? Some sickness that prevents you from showing up? Do you often have to heal this before you can do that? Does it make you feel safe to hand over your well-being to some expert? Ailments always reveal something about what is going on in your life. If you are very attached to the narrative that you have to “heal this” before you can “do that”, or even better, you hire someone to heal it, but it never gets healed, well chances are you are resisting showing up for your very own self. If you are always busy “healing”, well you don’t have much time for anything else, right? Not “being well enough” can become an excuse for not going for it. Ask yourself if you are truly ready to step into your power and if you are really ready to goal! This is a good antidote as well against the “poor me” syndrome.

Does drama always find a way into your life? If so, consider this: drama is a sneaky way to sabotage yourself. It unleashes chaos into the very things you care about, whether it be family, your business, your creative endeavors and your relationships. Drama is all consuming. So, why do you engage in it?

Money is an amazing revealer. It reveals a lot about the unconscious parts of our psyche. How we show up for money, how we use it, how we relate to it, tells us a lot about ourselves. Do you value yourself enough to invest in your well-being? Or are you always skimpy in this area? Do you often say “I don’t have the money”? Think again, money is only “energy” in material form. We always chose how to flow or not with money, whether to receive it or not. Your unconscious beliefs about money run the show. Sometimes we do need to invest in ourselves because we genuinely need help. When you can’t see your blind spots, help is required. Ask yourself, If you could take a major step forward in your life with some help, why do you avoid investing in it? For the sake of clarity, help is not a crutch if you are seriously ready to do the work. It becomes a crutch only when you use it to avoid something bigger. Tricky, huh! This requires discernment and honesty.


Sometimes we hire help but we are not willing to hear the music. Somehow, it shatters the script we had written for ourselves. I learned about this one because I found myself doing this very thing. The end result: I didn’t want to re-write the script. I didn’t want to be visible in a certain way! When we come to an appointment with a set agenda: we expect to hear only what we want to hear. When we are challenged on something we don’t want to deal with, we can be tempted to dismiss the messenger. But it is important to note, life is always co-creation. If you come to a session with openness and intention to heal, you will. If you come to dig in your heels into the ground, you will. Ask yourself, why don’t I want to see this? What am I resisting? Why do I choose “doubt” as my mode of operation? Co-creating your life means knowing that your intentions are very powerful. Set the intentions that the help you invest in will bring back unfathomable results for you and then show up for it. It is truly as simple as that.

Leonard Cohen had it right. “Forget your perfect offering.” When you want everything to be perfect, you actually block the flow. You also stay stuck in non-action. Take a deep breath and release. And just allow yourself the joy of imperfection. People love imperfect people! The best-kept secret is that when you just start, the strength and support actually show up. It’s just one of those universal laws. Many times in my life I’ve created things out of thin air. I just had a vision, started working on it, got people involved, and surprise, it happened!

Of course, the lamentable state of your life is because of what everyone else did or does to you, right? Look again. This is actually an abdication of personal responsibility as co-creator of your own life. And I raise my hand on this one! I’ve definitely done this. Blaming others overlooks the fact that we have agreed to this life “contract”, which may seem somewhat absurd, but after taking up the challenge it poses, you will notice how much it actually enlightens you. The real question is how long are you going to hold on to these hardships before you claim your birthright to joy? How long is it going to take you to heal yourself? How long will you stay in the narrative that you were “done wrong”? And yes, you may have been “done wrong” for real, but how long do you want to hold on to it as a justification for your unhappiness? How about committing to transmuting the crap, and getting on with the good stuff, faster!

Are you half in, half out? Do you come, but then your body language, your energy, and your enthusiasm lag behind? If you have trouble showing up for yourself, for an appointment that is all about you, you will notice that you do the same thing in other parts of your life too. Sometimes people don’t show up because they have this script running through their mind that nothing ever works anyways, so why fully commit? Of course, in thinking that way, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you have trouble committing in your life, this will have a definite impact. You will be creating a half in, half out kind of life. In other words, a half-ass kinda life!

Ok. There is the download. Now, I just need to CONGRATULATE myself because I had been seriously resisting writing this for a while now. I was distracting myself with all kinds of stuff. I never seemed to have the “energy” to do it. Ha! I finally let go of my resistance and bam! Here is my “perfect offering”! Hope it is useful to you.

Love Julie


Julie Archambault is a certified multi-dimensional healer in the Akashic Records. She is a master at creating a safe vessel for magical and deep healing to occur. The power she channels for your accelerated healing is profound and truly sacred.

Bring more clarity to your life.

Ready to let go of all that resistance? Ready to see it right in the eyeballs? Ready to shift out of this energetic wasteland? Come for a session in the Akashic Records and we will pinpoint any blind spot that you have and let the flow of life in… again!


The wild heart is where the magic happens. See you there!