I tell ya’! I’ve cracked the CODE to deeper love! And very excited to share it with you, especially if “LOVE” and “DEEPER LOVE” have been the bane of your existence. It involves mastering these 6 principles: Truth, Courage, Vulnerability, Visibility, Self-love and Faith. So, here is a quick poetic breakdown:


Deeper love needs you to see the truth. It requires you to see the truth about your current relationships. It requires you to see the truth about your past relationships. But most of all, it requires you to take a hard look at those initial “archetypal” relationships that programmed you. You need to see the truth about your childhood and the truth about your family. Whatever is not fully conscious about these relationships will show up in your life without you even realizing it, until you actually fully SEE it and take ownership for it. Awakening to the truth about your life allows you to free yourself of any illusions. DEEPER LOVE does not grow in illusions. It can only grow in consciousness.


If you guard yourself, how can you receive deeper love? If you put a mask to please or to impress, how can deeper love find you? If you pretend you are almighty when you are feeling fragile, how can deeper love reach out and caress you? If your independence isolates you, how can deeper love connect to you? Vulnerability arises when you use your voice to share the deep truths present in your heart, without distorting them in any way. It’s expressing the raw sensitive truth without censoring yourself. Vulnerability is the way to intimacy— the doorway to deeper love.


Hide and go seek is a great game, but if no one knows that you are hiding in the first place, how can deeper love know it should be looking for you? How can it know that you even exist? If you are not showing up as the truest expression of yourself, how can deeper love recognize you? If you are not shining your light, how does it find you in the fog? The truth is, if you stay under the radar, you will remain lonely in the wide undecipherable sea! When you hide beside the fly on the wall, it thinks you are just part of the pretty floral design on the wallpaper. Being visible means uncovering your beauty so that people can see it. If you do that, deeper love will indeed find you. How can it resist such beauty???


Deeper love requires courage because it takes courage to see the truth. It takes courage to step up, to use your voice and speak about what is actually going on down below. It takes courage to completely own who you are. It takes courage to reveal your deepest self and allow yourself to be seen. It takes courage indeed to be YOU. When you manage to embrace courage with confidence, you are holding a master key that opens up many MANY doors.


No one can love you if you don’t love yourself. You are the safeguard of your temple, of your body, your soul, your spirit. You are the designated caretaker. When you tend to your temple, you are signaling its value to everyone else. They will sense the value and be compelled to treat it with as much reverence as you have managed to muster up for yourself. If someone doesn’t take their shoes off to enter your temple, you will know how to ask them to do so. If someone comes in screaming and yelling, you will know how to usher them out of your sacred space because you honor the sanctity of your temple. When you know the worth of your temple, you know how to protect your space from destructive forces. Otherwise, it is left in shambles and who wants to sit in a temple that has been torn apart? Having healthy boundaries allows you to keep this sacred space alive and imbued with quality, perfect for those who know how to appreciate it. The self-love temple is where deeper love resides.


Well, if you don’t believe you can get better, well you won’t. If you don’t believe that someone out there has the capacity to meet you at your greatest expression, well you won’t. You have to be able to deeply believe that what you want does in fact exist and that it is available for you. To not believe so, means you settle for what you are getting, or for nothing at all. If you don’t believe it’s possible, you compromise important pieces of yourself. You must be able to visualize what you want. You have to fully own that you are in fact the creator of your reality. This means that you must embody your co-creative power and imagine all that you deserve and clearly ask for it. This is the key to co-creative magic. This is the last piece that allows you to manifest the profound experience of deeper love.


Mastering these 6 keys is, of course, a deep and profound journey. And, I very well know that journeys can be long and tortuous. But they can also be short and sweet. A visit in the Akashic Records definitely helps quicken the journey by promptly unburdening you of unnecessary loads. Imagine you are carrying your mother or your brother on your shoulders? Wouldn’t their weight quickly get overwhelming under that blistering sun? They have legs! You don’t need to carry them! You don’t need to be doing all the work for them!

The Akashic Records is an accelerated process of growth, a sacred space to process and clear these unnecessary weights. It’s the fastest way I know to finally say “Good riddance” to those burdens holding you back from the greatest things in life, notably receiving good wholesome LOVE.

You can always choose the long way, everyone is free on their journey. But waking up can, in fact, take awhile because these burdens hide conspicuously in our shadows. If you could drop the unnecessary weight you were carrying on your way, wouldn’t you want to drop it?


Think what happens to your tires when they are out of alignment. The tires get worn out quite fast. When we are out of alignment in various areas of our life, the very same thing occurs: we get worn out. The impacts show up in love, at work, and in our general well-being and health.

With 5 sessions, we can help re-align these 6 principles in your life: Truth, Courage, Vulnerability, Visibility, Self-love and Faith, as life has a way of banging them up! For Valentine’s day, I will throw in a 6th session for good measure for anyone that signs up by TUESDAY the 21rst of February.

I’m telling you, it’s more than worth it. Every single client I have worked with can’t believe how much lighter they feel after my sessions. They often express deep surprise: “I didn’t think I would feel so good” or “I didn’t realize we were going to go so deep!”  So, if you are ready to co-create, the results in your life will be profound.

Co-creating with you would seriously thrill me. When I do this work and see people transform, it truly makes me vibrate at a very high frequency which in turn brings me to a place of deep radiating JOY!


6 sessions for the price of 5! Taken individually, these 6 sessions are worth: 1074$. You will only be paying 750$ for the whole transformational sh-bang! Having such deep liberating epiphanies are actually priceless, especially when they have such a profound impact on your life.

Don’t wait. Go for it. Invest in yourself.

If you reside in Canada, the best way to pay is via e-mail transfer at contact@glowingsnake.com. 

Can’t wait to get started and help you let DEEPER LOVE into your life.

Ohhhhhh…..and exciting news:


I am so thrilled to share my FIRST MALE testimonial!!! Youppi-doo! Thank you, Wes!

“I’ve been hell bent on my own healing and conscious evolution for several years now, ever since becoming a father to two amazing kids. Part of this journey has involved deep examination of my role as a man in contemporary society. Julie is one of these healers that I’ve had the incredible fortune of connecting with. Our Akashic Record session together was effortless and flowed smoothly from start to finish under her compassionate guidance. I felt supported throughout and free to explore what was present for me as it came up. She was pointedly accurate in her intuitive insights into how the beliefs formed misbeliefs manifesting in my present day issues. I came away from the session wanting more, wanting to explore deeper. Most importantly, I left with a sense of clarity and peace that stayed with me for days after and that created a positive everlasting shift in my consciousness. Can’t wait to find out what else Julie can help me unlock about myself and my unique journey and purpose in this lifetime.

—Wes Lythe, Coaching industry, Sherwood Park, AB
Talk to you soon,

Love Julie xxx