George Michael and why we hide our truth. 

I would like to look deeper into the power of “revealing” ourselves. If we took a thermometer and stuck it in someone’s energy field that was carrying “shame”, just think of the reading we would get. Now, compare it to someone that fully embraces all that they are and feels free from shame, a.k.a. the bliss of being themselves freely. Well, chances are the reading on the thermometer would be quite different.

It’s when we fully reveal ourselves that we feel the purest joy. The problem is often times we don’t feel joy because “unconsciously” we hide parts of ourselves that we have deemed unacceptable.

Let’s take for example George Michael. Now, of course, it is quite hard to know what is true and false in the celebrity world, but from what I understand, he spent most of his life concealing a very important part of his identity from the public eye, but most importantly from his mother. He decided to conceal his sexual identity, the very truth about his own essence because he was worried about what his mother would think and how it would affect her. Just think how powerful this fear must have been to hide such an essential part of his being for so many years! We can think of the cultural and historical stigma related to homosexuality, worries around his musical career, the association to AIDS, all huge hurdles in themselves for George to fully own himself. But deep down inside, the little boy in him was most worried about what his mother would think. Of course, this takes a huge health and psychological toll on whoever doesn’t fully show as their authentic selves in the name of making other people comfortable.

These fears are real and can really block us from feeling joy. All these messages get imprinted in our energy fields and they block us from fully benefiting from our full energy potential, our full spectrum of light, which means our full power. What happens? Parts of us shut down clogged up with fear. And it doesn’t have to be about our sexual orientation. It extends to anything, any part of ourselves that got some form of messaging that it wasn’t safe to express.

Sometimes we don’t even know what we are shutting
down, it is so deeply hidden, even to us.

I know for my part, it had to do with hiding my spiritual gifts. I was so scared to be made fun of as “weird” or dismissed as a “flake” in my very rational, scientific, legalistic, mainstream environment, that anything spiritual was hidden from my family and the extended community I grew up in. It was just totally off their radar and could be made into the very butt of their jokes. And who wants that? So, I tried to fit in and reveal only what could be understood by them, the rest was either hidden or shut down altogether.

Of course, this took a huge toll on me. As the years passed, I started getting these godawful migraines that at times would be accompanied by horrible bouts of nausea. They started small, but with time and neglect, grew and grew and grew. Until, I’d need to take days off from work, shove down the Tylenol and Advil to no avail, squirm on my pillow pushing pressure points… and soak in very hot tubs keeping my head under the waterline to neutralize the pain. Then, I had to deal with the layer of nausea, sort of like the undertow of a crashing wave. On numerous occasions, I’d painstakingly make my way to the corner store to buy ginger ale, that always had a bit of temporary relief because Canada Dry makes you burp on demand!

Until it would get too strong, and I’d get to the point where I’d be cradling the toilet bowl, sometimes the whole night through.

The thing is that there never seemed to be any concrete trigger. No specific food. Nothing that could explain the sudden meltdown of my system. Until I finally understood, years down the road, that it came from me trying to control myself so badly to fit in and be loved, neglecting the higher parts of my being that were by this time screaming, clanging pots and pans, even yodeling at me for all I knew, to get my attention because I didn’t want to see it! I was so friggin’ scared of what I’d actually have to do!!! (i.e. Be visible in the world!)

You see, the Higher Self comes through the crown chakra and I was blocking it out big time. It is from there that we channel in the bigger picture of ourselves, our bigger mission. Until one day, I’d had enough and I said: “Ok, Ok, enough already! I don’t need to control myself anymore to be acceptable! I surrender! I will not control what is trying to come through! I truly surrender! What do I need to see? What do I need to do? I will no longer control the message and make it all nice and comfortable for me to swallow nor for anyone else to accept. I’ll just do what I am supposed to do on this planet. Shoot it. Tell me. I’ve had it with this friggin’ suffering! And magically, the migraine released its claws, which was truly a novel experience.

And I understood that I needed to step up and start tuning into my intuition and start using it without fear, as a tool for myself and for others. I had to surrender to what I was meant to be on this planet, regardless of what people would think! And part of this “meant-to-do-on-the-planet” business has to do with writing Snakeskinned, a book on healing and sexuality. It is now time for me to speak. To not do this, means negating who I am, and being slammed again with those F*ing all-consuming migraines and nauseous meltdowns.

This is my cozy writer’s cabin, where the Revolution has started.
(Wink! Wink!)

The wonderful thing is that now I know how to see these fears and free myself of them. And I can also do this for my clients. For me, the Akashic Records are a kind excavation of the soul. We start digging and we find all kinds of things that need to be released. Just last week, as I worked with a client, we found places where she had put herself in a little box because she didn’t want to rock the boat in her family when growing up. She had learned to make herself so small to not be an extra problem to the already overly complicated family dynamics. So as we were releasing the energies around that, she exclaimed that she had to stand up and stretch.

“I just need to stand up,” she said, “I almost feel like I’m growing as we speak. It feels as though I could touch the ceiling now!”

Her feelings of expansion came from reclaiming the actual space that is rightfully hers! It’s like we were releasing the full-fledged POWER HOUSE that she truly was meant to be. This was a beautiful moment for both of us: for her, it was reclaiming what was rightfully hers and for me, seeing the direct impact of the clearings we were doing, in real-time.


So here’s the plan, Stan:  
-If you are ready to fully step up to who you are meant to be on this planet…
-Ready to see your business expand or your professional creativity soar…
-Ready to welcome “real” love, tenderness and truly aligned sex in your life…
-Ready to let go of ALL those shackles that are holding you back and step up
-And are ready to make yourself a priority by investing in yourself…

5 SESSIONS TO GROW INTO THE POWER HOUSE YOU REALLY ARE might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for. And when I say POWER HOUSE, I don’t mean the dominating, loud and cunning ruler-type POWER HOUSE. No, I mean the deep, powerful, luminous self in you that wants to fully step into his or her own truth and gifts, and pull off their magic with perfect serenity and grace!

This is a very high-value program as it includes 5 —1 hour— sessions of 1:1 deep soul excavation in your very own Akashic Records. This is not a group course, nor a series of videos, nor pre-made audio recordings, but individualized live appointments where you are the object of my fullest and most tuned-in attention ready to help you shift your energy on the spot, as we speak. These sessions are laser sharp and straight to the point.

With this work and investment in yourself: 

-You will start noticing shifts in all the important areas of your life: work, money, and relationships.
-You will suddenly feel competent to step up to the most luminous version of yourself, use your voice to speak your deepest truths and take direct action towards your goals.
-You will feel confident to share your magic and gifts with the world.
-You will feel much lighter as you won’t be carrying around other people’s shit anymore and…
-You will start connecting to a deeper place of contentment, which is actually your birthright.

Pretty spectacular if you ask me.
Here are what my clients have been saying: 

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.40.29 PM.png

“Julie was able to help me retrieve a part of me that I had put away to keep safe. It’s an unexplainable experience feeling what it’s like to be you, again…  When one is ready or truly wants to, the teachers or messengers will appear to answer the questions you have been asking. The work that Julie does is so effortless and her voice is soothing, and the whole process took very little time. Thank you, Julie, for being so courageous in bringing this type of experience to this life.”

— Kylene Hayley, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Six Nations, ON.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 3.20.01 PM.png

“I had such an awesome session with Julie yesterday. I’ve done tons of work and healing on myself, but I felt I was missing something. In just an hour Julie blew me wide open and helped me breakthrough on something I’ve been carrying around for 40 years without even realizing. She has an amazing way of digging deep. It was powerful… she was supportive, compassionate and encouraging, and my gratitude for her gifts is immeasurable. Thank you, Julie, for unblocking my heart and helping that ‘sprout’ to come out!”

— Renata Mazu, Resilience and Growth Coaching, CEO, Founder & Author at EdgeSavvy. Atlanta, Georgia.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 9.43.03 AM.png

“My Akashic Records session with Julie was nothing short of incredible. She is a true master of the records and facilitated a powerful healing for me. We were able to clear several blocks and trace back my current issues and limiting beliefs to specific instances in the past. She created a safe and held space for me to open to new possibilities and heal old wounds. I am extremely grateful to this session and highly recommend working with Julie!”

— Megan Moore,  Associate Artistic Director at ETCH Movement Works.
So if you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, you can achieve very similar results. Each session will release deep energetic layers holding you back from your true potential and you will feel… relief. Deep relief. Finally.

5 SESSIONS (@150$ CAD)


Stay tuned for more insights and wisdom coming from the deep place!

Love Julie xxx

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