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Reflexions on this festive morn.                                 25th of December, 2016 

It’s the hidden parts of ourselves that make us unhappy. They start ruminating. Why don’t I get to be seen! They secretly pester us in the recesses of our being until we take notice of them. Signs of this hiding show up in various ways:

-Feelings of depression

-Constantly being sick

-Feeling invisible in the world — a pale ghost of ourselves drifts around— feelings of isolation

-Not speaking our truth because we are worried about losing someone or something.

-Feeling a lack of satisfaction and purpose in life

-Stagnating in life, in our professional lives, in our relationships and of course, in sex!

-Poor habits of self-care and self-love.

The discomfort tells us that we are not fully honouring our full spectrum, our full potential and that it’s time to WAKE up! Of course, it’s when we fully step into our full spectrum, into our full power, that we serve ourselves and the world the best. And the biggest thing that is stopping us is Fear. Fear puts on many masks and lurks in our shadows, making it hard to see at times.

This is why we have to stake it out, spot it and capture it! Look at it in the eye. Ah-ha, you were hiding there! You were the one causing me such strife! To up-level our frequency — which means achieving the highest vibration of ourselves or achieving the most magical version of ourselves —  involves a very simple and yet truly profound principle.

1- We need to SEE our shadow and the masks it wears.

2- We need to OWN our shadow.

3- Then, we need to EAT it, DIGEST it and, ultimately, LET it go.

This process frees us up and allows us to show up in the most empowered version of ourselves. Suddenly, all this amazing power fills our being. We feel empowered to create the life we want. We show up in the world differently, and the world responds immediately and, quite frankly, beautifully!


How the Akashic Records can support and accelerate this principle.

The Akashic Records are a very powerful tool that helps us speed up the process by:

A.) Helping us spot that dodging shadow! It’s important to understand that our shadow is a master chameleon! It knows how to hide exactly in our blind spots. Finding that shadow is the very process of “waking up”.

B.) Once we’ve found it, we can process it in the AR in a very effective and speedy way. Imagine adding tons of probiotics to your diet — you get a quick release, right? The AR is an intensified energetic space that lets you digest your shadow really fast. Say goodbye to constipation of the soul! (I’ve been there. I know how it feels. Not fun. And it can last forever!!!!) And say hello to the “Smoothe Move” of the soul! Yes, that is how effective the AR are. : )

When I discovered how quickly I could process things and liberate myself from burdens in the AR, I just started diggin’ and diggin’ — and yes, I found gold! Now, I’m very happy to be sharing this gold with my clients and they are giving me rave reviews simply because it blows them away. We hit core issues, release them and the results start appearing in their lives, immediately!

Truly thrilled to be sharing with you,

Stay tuned for the New Year’s draw! Maybe you’ll be the lucky one this time around. ❤
Talk soon,

Love Julie xxx