Looking everywhere for a breakthrough?

“I had such an awesome session with Julie yesterday. I’ve done tons of work and healing on myself, but I felt I was missing something. In just an hour Julie blew me wide open and helped me breakthrough on something I’ve been carrying around for 40 years without even realizing. She has an amazing way of digging deep. It was powerful… she was supportive, compassionate and encouraging, and my gratitude for her gifts is immeasurable. Thank you, Julie, for unblocking my heart and helping that ‘sprout’ to come out!”Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 3.20.01 PM.png

— Renata Mazu, Resilience and Growth Coaching, CEO, Founder & Author at EdgeSavvy. Atlanta, Georgia.



Are you ready for your very own version of “breakthrough”??? We can do just that together. PM me for a session. Love Julie xxx