Deep. Gratitude.

Even if the times are quite intense right now, I want to share this with you. A lot of the problems in the world stem from the fact that we need to heal some pretty deep stuff, all of us. If there are acts of violence occurring right this minute across the border, acts of racism, homophobia, misogeny… the whole gamut, well, it’s because we need healing. And that means we also need healers.

Healers started popping up in my life ever since I was a teenager backpacking in Central America. A Mayan priestess looked into my eyes and said: “You need to heal paiiiin in eyes.” She brought me to the basement of a shack, and something out of this world happened. This woman inaugurated a stream of healers that would weave in and out throughout the years. At university, these three beautiful sisters, part-Ojibwe, part-Oneida, then took me under their wings. I watched them operate magic, profound healing. I saw them allow people with deep trauma shake off, cry out and barf out their pain. People who had experienced violence of all kind, including systemic violence. They even helped me. More than once!

Sixteen years later, I was on the phone with one of the sisters, the one with whom I had embarked on crazy travel adventures with, including traveling to South Dakota on a broken leg, expressing to her how I had just launched a business doing healing work. How I finally was able to shake off all those layers of self-doubt that stopped me from owning my own healing gifts. I was finally stepping out of the closet!

She decided to take an appointment with me. I trembled inside, oh my, one of my mentors wanting my healing services! I knew that she had gone through tremendous healing on this journey to heal her breast cancer. I also know that healing is all about layers. And layers. And layers that you need to peel off, until you hit the core of your essence. Until you fully embrace your I AM. Ok! I thought, I can do this! I took deep breaths and when the appointment arrived, we dove into her Akashic Records.

I have noticed that as my confidence increases, the more my antenna lengthens. The more I take care of my own shit, the more I see clearly and the more I pick up on what needs to be said and revealed. The more I align myself, the more it is bang on. And when it is bang on, the healing just unfolds. My friend had some important releases, we were able to sever some unhealthy energetic chords and touch on some deep universal truths. She took it all in, really moved by the session. I was really moved myself. It was bigger than my little self. Something bigger happens and it is profound. It is a profound experience. This is why today, I am in deep. deep. gratitude. Thank you my friend for trusting me!

My feelings also sharply contrast with the vortex of violence I’m seeing on the news. That is because we need to heal and we need healers. Step up and use your gifts. The world will be needing your guidance and deep, deep healing.