I’ve been having some great exchanges on how introverts and highly sensitive people experience sex in various Facebook groups.

The word DEMISEXUAL came up. The definition is a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

The definition really resonated with people. Although, I totally relate to the definition, I personally don’t resonate with the name “demi” — meaning half — unless it’s used as “demigod”! ; ) In the sense that HSP are highly integrated people. Our heart is not an afterthought but at the centre of how we  manage our lives. I would rename this category heartsexual. 

Sexuality can be lived at different energetic “frequencies”. In relationships, energy flows between two people. Sex intensifies this energy exchange, which is why sex is such a huge deal for HSP. They are extremely sensitive to energy.

Here are the different frequencies that you can channel:

When your energy stays in your root chakra, the frequency is imbued with issues around the body and safety. Are you safe in your body? Do you feel safe in the world?

When it flows to the sacral chakra, you are dealing with your creativity and your playfulness. Are you able to play? Let loose?

When it goes up to the solar plexus, you are dealing with issues around self-worth. Do you value yourself? Do you value yourself in the relationship?

When the energy flows up more, it hits the heart chakra. Ch-Ching!!!!!! Here you are dealing with issues around love, sharing, mutuality. Do you love the other person? Do you care about them?

The ascension continues to throat: Can you express your truth in this relationship?

If you manage to go even further up, you’ll hit the third eye and crown chakras. At this point, you might be getting mystical experiences and feelings of transcendence!

I personally feel this is really helpful to know. I think HSP usually doubt their super powers!!! Having your heart integrated is actually a really powerful gift.