Being a lover of the night sky, I’ve been very fortunate for the past while to be nestled away where no city lights blot out the stars. I love seeking out the best conditions to witness the sky’s fullest stellar expression. I have found that the most beautiful expression of night constellations can be found when the clouds roll away and the moon dims! If weather aligns, the New Moon is the best time to soak in the myriads of stars.

Of course, the infinite beauty of the sky is obscured if another light source overpowers the intricate myriads. Sometimes other lights can be blaring or louder — and dominate. It’s unfortunate though, since the webbings of stars hanging out behind the stronger bowl of light are so awesome. But the moon is wise, she has a cycle. She knows how to wax and wane. If you’ve been hiding behind a stronger presence, a louder voice, a more dominant personality, giving up your space to the bigger moon or sun, now it’s time to honour your more quiet voice, visibility, your space… your infinite beauty!

Love Julie