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Have you ever been ghosted?

Ghosted: Dating someone that ceases all communication with you without any explanation and simply disappears. 

The other day, I was consulting with someone in her AR. She was having trouble gathering all her energy together to work on her business. At the beginning of a session, I do what you call a “body scan” to check into her energy. For her heart, I got this interesting image of black birds. I wasn’t quite sure what it meant, but it really intrigued her. So, I investigated a little deeper and what came through was a question. What happened this summer? Anything come up when I say this to you? Then she says, yes, what comes up is that I was ghosted twice.

This was the key to enter into deeper layers of our session. As we dug deeper, it became clearer that she had really opened up to these two people over the course of the summer and felt really close to them. It had been a while since she hadn’t connected so deeply on a romantic level. Needless to say, she really grew attached to them. So when they disappeared on her, without any explanation, this deeply hurt her. She felt like crap, felt devalued and winded, so to speak. It became clear that her energy had been taken, and was kept in this depleted state because no explanation had been given to help her find peace. She kept on wondering: “What did I do?” 

Then, we looked deeper. Why did this pattern seem to reoccur in her life? As we dug deeper into the layers, dynamics in her family came up around power, voice and abandonment. We took a moment to clear all these dynamics that no longer served her and looked into some deeper truths: She is this really powerful woman who needs someone who can fully embrace her power as opposed to deplete it. We also proceeded to re-claim all the energy that she had handed out to them. Reclaiming your energy allows you to put it in other places of value to you, like in your business!

This is what I find really amazing with the AR. You can go into them and pretty much ask whatever question you have about your current state and have some profound self-knowledge well up to support you.

If you have been ghosted, abandoned or feel any other discomfort taking a toll on your relationships and well-being, we can look into your records and help you get better aligned with your deep truths. This will empower you to create the nourishing reality you wish for yourself. Looking forward to talking!  with love, Julie xxx


The Highly Sensitive’s Sexual Super Powers.

I’ve been having some great exchanges on how introverts and highly sensitive people experience sex in various Facebook groups.

The word DEMISEXUAL came up. The definition is a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

The definition really resonated with people. Although, I totally relate to the definition, I personally don’t resonate with the name “demi” — meaning half — unless it’s used as “demigod”! ; ) In the sense that HSP are highly integrated people. Our heart is not an afterthought but at the centre of how we  manage our lives. I would rename this category heartsexual. 

Sexuality can be lived at different energetic “frequencies”. In relationships, energy flows between two people. Sex intensifies this energy exchange, which is why sex is such a huge deal for HSP. They are extremely sensitive to energy.

Here are the different frequencies that you can channel:

When your energy stays in your root chakra, the frequency is imbued with issues around the body and safety. Are you safe in your body? Do you feel safe in the world?

When it flows to the sacral chakra, you are dealing with your creativity and your playfulness. Are you able to play? Let loose?

When it goes up to the solar plexus, you are dealing with issues around self-worth. Do you value yourself? Do you value yourself in the relationship?

When the energy flows up more, it hits the heart chakra. Ch-Ching!!!!!! Here you are dealing with issues around love, sharing, mutuality. Do you love the other person? Do you care about them?

The ascension continues to throat: Can you express your truth in this relationship?

If you manage to go even further up, you’ll hit the third eye and crown chakras. At this point, you might be getting mystical experiences and feelings of transcendence!

I personally feel this is really helpful to know. I think HSP usually doubt their super powers!!! Having your heart integrated is actually a really powerful gift.



Are you a star hiding behind a full moon? It’s your New Moon opportunity to shine!

Being a lover of the night sky, I’ve been very fortunate for the past while to be nestled away where no city lights blot out the stars. I love seeking out the best conditions to witness the sky’s fullest stellar expression. I have found that the most beautiful expression of night constellations can be found when the clouds roll away and the moon dims! If weather aligns, the New Moon is the best time to soak in the myriads of stars.

Of course, the infinite beauty of the sky is obscured if another light source overpowers the intricate myriads. Sometimes other lights can be blaring or louder — and dominate. It’s unfortunate though, since the webbings of stars hanging out behind the stronger bowl of light are so awesome. But the moon is wise, she has a cycle. She knows how to wax and wane. If you’ve been hiding behind a stronger presence, a louder voice, a more dominant personality, giving up your space to the bigger moon or sun, now it’s time to honour your more quiet voice, visibility, your space… your infinite beauty!

Love Julie