This article on sexual connection started off as a simple blog entry, but as I started working on it, it kept on expanding in scope and in depth as I researched and thought about it. Now it has become a full spectrum: FIFTY SHADES OF CONNECTION. Every month, on the third Thursday of the month, a new shade will be posted until the whole spectrum has been revealed. Enjoy!

2. Victimizing vs. Empowered Money Mediated Sex— Paynes grey
Another shade of grey is looking at various forms of sexual activities mediated by money. As I interviewed various people working in or closely to the sex industry, an important distinction became clear to me. On one hand, sex work could be experienced as a victimizing mechanism, and on the other hand, when entered from a place of  empowerment, it could be experienced as a place of healing, sexual expression and celebration. Some use sex work as a powerful tool to overcome sexual taboos, recover freedom of sexual expression and independence.

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