The surprising ramifications of VOICE. It’s not always easy to see the places in our lives where we are not using our voice. The reason is twofold, I believe. First, you need awareness that you actually are denying yourself voice. Then, you have to have the courage to use it, which is of course complicated at times. So, to tackle the first difficulty, noticing voice-deficit, let’s look at three places where voice is important: work, relationships and sex.

-At work: If you are exhausted and people keep piling on work and expectations, do you speak up or does it feel like risky business?

-In an intimate relationship: Do you always adapt to your partner’s complicated schedule or needs without considering yours? Does talking about this make you feel you could loose them?

-In sex: If your partner does something to you that hurts or makes you uncomfortable, do you speak up? Or are you worried that you could ruin the mood?

These are just little teasers to get us thinking about places where voice-deficit might be lurking! More to come…